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Weight Reduction wet food

Weight Reduction wet food

For overweight or obesity

This wet food is ideal for reducing overweight or obesity. It supports the responsible loss of excess weight.

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Delicious wet food to keep your cat healthy while losing weight

Cats in the Netherlands are increasingly struggling with excess weight, also known as overweight or in more serious cases, obesity. The physical fitness of an adult cat largely determines its quality of life. As your cat ages, it consumes less energy. Spaying and neutering also reduce energy consumption. Physical fitness primarily depends on food intake and exercise levels.

SANIMED Weight Reduction wet food is a complete dietary pet food developed to reduce overweight in adult cats. SANIMED Weight Reduction gives you a responsible weight loss tool for your cat. It contains plenty of high quality, easily digestible proteins. This way, your cat retains its muscle mass while shedding excess weight. What’s more, this food stimulates the breakdown of fats.

SANIMED Weight Reduction is available as both a dry food and a wet food. These two formulations are fully  interchangeable, without any loss of effectiveness.

Learn more about overweight and the ideal weight for your cat.

This product is also available as a dry food.

Learn more about overweight and the ideal weight for your cat.

Available in 100 gram packages

Ideal body weight

body weight

Stable blood sugar level

blood sugar level

Supports the joints

healthy joints

Prevents formation of struvite stones

bladder stones

<a id="voedingsschema-weight reduction natvoeding" style="text-decoration: none;">View the <b>nutritional values</b></a>.

View the nutritional values.


Amount of food

Feeding recommendations for SANIMED Weight Reduction wet food

Tips and advice

  • Give your cat SANIMED dietary pet food only, without any snacks.
  • Follow the feeding schedule in the table. Based on the advice of your veterinarian or paraveterinary professional, adjust the amount of food as needed to achieve the target weight.
  • Make sure your cat has access to plenty of clean, fresh drinking water at all times.
  • Be patient. It may take some time to see results.
  • Additional exercise will provide visible results sooner.

Feeding schedule: SANIMED Weight Reduction wet food

Feed your cat this food only or this food in combination with SANIMED Weight Reduction dry food, and follow the feeding schedule in the table. Use your cat’s current weight to determine the feeding ration and adjust the schedule as needed to achieve the desired rate of weight loss for your cat. Divide your cat’s daily food intake over 2 or more meals a day. We recommend using this dietary food until your cat reaches the desired body weight. Monitor your cat’s physical condition and make sure your cat always has access to fresh, clean drinking water. Consult your veterinarian before use.


Chicken stomachs, chicken livers, potato, pork lungs, rice, cellulose, minerals, fish oil, barley, hydrolyzed collagen protein, yeast.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 9.4%, crude fat 2.8%, crude fiber 2.5%, crude ash 2.0%, moisture 79%, calcium 0.20%, phosphorous 0.16%, sodium 0.18%. Metabolizable energy: 804 kcal/kg.

Would you also like to feed your cat SANIMED? SANIMED is available at veterinary practices throughout the Netherlands. Find the SANIMED dealer closest to you here.

Satisfied cats & their owners

Monique and Poekie

“On the advice of our veterinarian, I starting feeding my cat Anti-Struvite. He has become his old self again, and the bladder stones never came back. Satisfied and thankful!’’

Carin and Mouse

“For a while there, Mouse wasn't feeling very well, both literally and figuratively. Since she started eating SANIMED Skin/Sensitive, she looks like a walking advertisement again and her sassy personality is back.”