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Neuro Support

Neuro Support

Support for neurological aging

This is a complete dry pet food developed to support brain function in adult dogs.

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Support for your dog’s neurological aging

Just like in humans, neurological aging can also affect dogs. In your pet, this results in the reduced ability to learn and to remember. This is often a gradual process of cognitive decline. It typically starts with minor changes in behavior that grow increasingly worse over time. Most dogs show the first signs of cognitive decline around 7 years of age.

SANIMED Neuro Support is a complete pet food developed to support brain function in adult dogs. SANIMED Neuro Support contains medium-chain triglycerides. These fatty acids support learning capacity and memory in older dogs and can provide support for age-related behavioral changes. Aside from the right diet, it is also important to continue to challenge your dog physically and mentally. Keep walking your dog and provide stimulation by playing games or buying dog puzzles to keep your dog mentally fit. Be sure to adapt these activities to your dog’s condition.

Read more about neurological aging in dogs.

Available in 3 kg and 12.5 kg packages

Supports brain function

brain function

With MCT oil


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Current weight
Age/Activity level

Amount of food

Feeding recommendations: SANIMED Neuro Support

Age range

All breeds: from 14 weeks

Feeding schedule: SANIMED Neuro Support

Follow the feeding schedule in the table, but adjust the feeding ration as needed to maintain your dog’s ideal weight. Divide your dog’s daily food intake over 2 or more meals a day. Monitor your dog’s physical condition and make sure your dog always has access to fresh, clean drinking water.


Corn, barley, dehydrated poultry, dried beet pulp, fractionated vegetable oil (MCT) 5.5%, animal fat (poultry), minerals, hydrolyzed chicken liver.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 20%, crude fat 13.5%, crude fiber 3.3%, crude ash 5.2%, moisture 8%, calcium 1%, phosphorous 0.75%, sodium 0.27%, potassium 0.5%, linoleic acid 1.9%, α-linolenic acid 0.11%, arachidonic acid 0.01%.

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Satisfied dogs & their owners

Sylvia and Pom

“Our dog, Pom, is doing noticeably better since she started on SANIMED Renal. And her kidney function has really improved!'”

Yvonne and Kyra

“We’ve been using this product for a while now, and our Kyra hasn’t had any more epileptic seizures. This makes us so happy for our little darling.”

Neuro Support