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Skin/Sensitive Functional Treats

Skin/Sensitive Functional Treats

A tasty and responsible treat for your dog

Healthy treats are part of a healthy lifestyle. SANIMED Skin/Sensitive Functional Treats are a healthy and responsible treat for your dog.

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A tasty and responsible treat for your dog

With this snack, you can give your dog a responsible treat. SANIMED Skin/Sensitive Functional Treats are made from hydrolyzed proteins and combine perfectly with SANIMED Skin/Sensitive dry food and SANIMED Skin/Sensitive Sausage. The treats contain very high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and are suitable for dogs with intolerances to certain foods.

Available in 175 gram packages

Healthy skin and coat

skin and coat

Healthy intestinal function

intestinal function

Hypoallergenic proteins


Borage oil


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View the nutritional values.

Current weight
Age/Activity level

Amount of food

Feeding recommendations: SANIMED Skin/Sensitive Functional Treats

Age range

From 14 weeks

Feeding schedule: SANIMED Skin/Sensitive Functional Treats

Give your dog these treats as a supplement to the SANIMED Skin/Sensitive dry food and sausages. Give no more than 10% of your dog’s daily feeding ration in the form of these treats, up to the maximum indicated in the feeding schedule. One treat is equivalent to approximately 2.5 grams of dry food and 5 grams of sausage. The number of treats given should be deducted from the daily feeding ration. Follow the recommended maximum number of treats per day as stated in the feeding schedule. You can use SANIMED Skin/Sensitive Functional Treats for an unlimited period of time. You can also use them in combination with other hypoallergenic diets and products.


Rice (54%), hydrolyzed fish (12%), potato protein, animal fat (poultry), fish oil, dried beet pulp, minerals, soy protein concentrate, hydrolyzed chicken liver, borage oil, linseed oil.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 22%, crude fat 15%, crude fiber 3.6%, crude ash 5.6%, moisture 8%, calcium 0.8%, phosphorous 0.6%, potassium 0.6%, sodium 0.16%, magnesium 0.1%, linoleic acid 1.8%, α-linolenic acid 0.4%, eicosapentaenoic acid 0.5%, docosahexaenoic acid 0.5%, arachidonic acid 0.05%, γ-linolenic acid 0.09%.

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Satisfied dogs & their owners

Thijs and Kae

“Kae was a street dog and didn’t look very good when I first found her. SANIMED Skin/Sensitive cleared up her allergy, and her coat looks amazing now. She’s glowing!”

Michelle and Tjörven

“Tjörven had all of the symptoms of a food intolerance. Since he switched to SANIMED Skin/Sensitive, the diarrhea stopped and he hardly ever gets itchy anymore. Of course, everyone gets itchy now and again ;).”