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Skin/Sensitive Sausage

Skin/Sensitive Sausage

For food sensitivities, skin conditions and hair loss

This sausage supports the skin’s natural healing properties in pets with skin conditions and excessive hair loss.

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A delicious sausage for dogs suffering from itching or skin problems

Food sensitivity or intolerance is an unfavorable reaction to certain foods. Food sensitivity occurs when your dog’s immune system reacts to a specific food ingredient. In response to this, the body produces the substance “histamine”. Histamine is what causes the sensitivity symptoms, such as skin disorders and hair loss. In addition to food sensitivities, dogs can also suffer from food intolerances. Food intolerance occurs when your pet cannot digest certain substances. It is difficult to tell the difference between a food sensitivity and a food intolerance. Both can result in similar symptoms, such as skin, coat and stomach problems.

Once it has been established that your dog is having a reaction to one or more substances, it is important to find a dietary food that stops the unwanted reaction. SANIMED Skin/Sensitive contains no less than 5% fish oil and 0.5% borage oil. The protein molecules in this food have been greatly reduced in size, making it difficult for your dog’s immune system to recognize them. This stops the unwanted sensitivity reaction from occurring. This means that this food is also suitable for sensitive intestines.

SANIMED Skin/Sensitive dry food, SANIMED Skin/Sensitive Sausage and SANIMED Functional Treats work great together.

Available in 400 gram packages

Healthy skin and coat

skin and coat

Healthy intestinal function

intestinal function

Hypoallergenic proteins


Borage oil


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View the nutritional values.

Current weight
Age/Activity level

Amount of food

Feeding recommendations: SANIMED Skin/Sensitive sausage

Age range

From 14 weeks

Feeding schedule: SANIMED Skin/Sensitive Sausage

Give your dog this pet food only or combine it with SANIMED Skin/Sensitive dry food. Consult your veterinarian before use. Use the feeding schedule in the table as a guide. The recommended period of use for food sensitivities is 3 to 8 weeks. If the intolerance symptoms disappear, you can simply keep using this food. Monitor your dog’s physical condition and make sure your dog always has access to fresh, clean drinking water.


Rice (11.5%), hydrolyzed fish (11%), animal fat, fish oil (salmon), cellulose, minerals, hydrolyzed chicken liver, borage oil.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 11%, crude fat 13.5%, crude fiber 2%, crude ash 2.5%, moisture 61%, linoleic acid 0.75%, α-linolenic acid 0.2%, eicosapentaenoic acid 0.25%, docosahexaenoic acid 0.25%, arachidonic acid 0.02%, γ-linolenic acid 0.05%.

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Satisfied dogs & their owners

Thijs and Kae

“Kae was a street dog and didn’t look very good when I first found her. SANIMED Skin/Sensitive cleared up her allergy, and her coat looks amazing now. She’s glowing!”

Yvonne and Kyra

“We’ve been using this product for a while now, and our Kyra hasn’t had any more epileptic seizures. This makes us so happy for our little darling.”

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