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Rutger Reurings - Sterkliniek Nijmegen Veterinary Clinic

“We’re very satisfied with SANIMED here in the practice. It’s a high quality, no-nonsense food at an affordable price. Also great communication with Sanimed and excellent service!”

Gerda van der Vaart - Dierenartsencombinatie Gorredijk Veterinary Practice

“I recommend SANIMED to our clients, because it makes dogs and cats healthy! Plus, they also really like it. And when animals are happy and healthy, their owners are satisfied customers.”

Madelijn de With - Dierenartsenpraktijk Kortenhoef Veterinary Practice

“We are very satisfied with SANIMED, and in particular with the Skin/Sensitive product. We see clear-cut results - the itching goes away and the skin calms down.”

Lennart van Kranenburg - Dierenkliniek Erasmusplein Veterinary Clinic, The Hague

“I can whole-heartedly recommend SANIMED food for its excellent price/quality ratio. It’s a 100% Dutch product developed by Dr. Anton Beijnen, one my professors in veterinary school.”

Eveline Snellen van Vollenhoven - Dierenziekenhuis Veenendaal Veterinary Hospital

“When I opened my new clinic, I decided to switch to the SANIMED food products. I recommend it to everyone! My own animals love to eat SANIMED Intestinal and the sausages. People are also enthusiastic about the results and the price.”

Natasja van den Berg - Dierenartsenpraktijk Gieten Veterinary Practice

“We are very satisfied with SANIMED. It’s a really tasty food with no added aromas, colors or flavors. We’ve seen good results, our patients are satisfied, and their owners are happy with this affordable food.”

Wouter Kranenbarg - Dierenkliniek De Laan Veterinary Clinic

“Our clients and I are very satisfied with SANIMED. Good results and an excellent price-quality ratio. Healthy dogs and their happy owners – that’s why we do it!”

Leo van Merwijk - Dierenkliniek Bata4en Veterinary Clinic

“SANIMED food is the product of thorough studies and research. The food works well and is available at an affordable price. For those reasons, I recommend SANIMED to my customers.”