1. In this Disclaimer, the following terms and definitions apply:

  • the webpage: any webpage on which the Publisher posts a link to this Disclaimer with the intention for this Disclaimer to apply to said webpage;
  • the Publisher: Sanimed;
  • use(s): actions such as uploading, login, retrieval, viewing, reading, watching, listening to, editing, filling out (forms), sending, temporary or permanent copying, saving, forwarding, dissemination, using services and making legal transactions (e.g. purchasing, renting);
  • you: the natural person or legal entity using the webpage, whether directly or by way of a representative;
  • the content: objects such as texts, images, hyperlinks, audio or video clips, etc.;
  • damage: direct or indirect damage of whatever nature, such as loss of data or property, lost sales or profits or other economic disadvantages.

2. The terms and conditions below apply to the webpage. By using this webpage, you consent to this Disclaimer.

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4. The Publisher provides the content of the webpage as is, without any guarantee or assurance of appropriateness or suitability for a particular purpose or otherwise. The content is experimental and intended for private use.

5. The Publisher shall not be liable for any actual or impending damage arising from or connected in any way with the use or inaccessibility of the webpage.

6. At its own discretion, and at any chosen time, the Publisher may alter or terminate the website, directly or by way of a third party, with or without prior notice. The Publisher shall not be liable for the consequences of any such alteration or termination.

7. Apart from this Disclaimer, the Publisher shall not be responsible for any third-party files that appear to be linked to the webpage. Linking does not entail any endorsement of the linked files.

8. Unauthorized or improper use of the webpage or its contents may constitute a breach of intellectual property rights or of laws related to privacy, publishing and/or communication in the broadest sense of the term. You are responsible for anything you send from the webpage.

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10. You shall protect and indemnify the Publisher, its employees, representatives, licensees, trade partners and the author of this disclaimer against any and all judicial and extrajudicial measures, judgments, etc., including the costs of legal support, auditors, etc., commissioned by third parties as a result of or in connection with your use of the webpage or your breach of any provisions of the law or the rights of third parties.

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