Naturally the best for your dog

Every dog is unique, so it’s important to choose the right food tailored to your dog’s needs. SANIMED offers preventive food to keep your dog healthy, and curative food to make your dog healthy again.


SANIMED dog food is always 100% natural.

To make nutritious, high-quality food, you need quality ingredients. SANIMED is made exclusively from natural ingredients. Our dry food is free of artificial colors, aromas and flavors.

The origins of our ingredients are verified and fully traceable. We source our raw materials exclusively from certified suppliers. This guarantees quality and safety, even before the raw materials arrive.

Read what veterinarians think of SANIMED.

Natasja van den Berg - Dierenartsenpraktijk Gieten Veterinary Practice

“We are very satisfied with SANIMED. It’s a really tasty food with no added aromas, colors or flavors. We’ve seen good results, our patients are satisfied, and their owners are happy with this affordable food.”

Gerda van der Vaart - Dierenartsencombinatie Gorredijk Veterinary Practice

“I recommend SANIMED to our clients, because it makes dogs and cats healthy! Plus, they also really like it. And when animals are happy and healthy, their owners are satisfied customers.”