Vobra Special Petfoods since 1932

The story of SANIMED starts with Piet van Krieken. In 1932, he registered with the Chamber of Commerce. The occupation “Freelance miller” is written on those documents in ornate handwriting. Local farmers brought him their crops and Van Krieken processed them. He became a specialist in compound feeds for cattle that contained soybean oil cakes and linseed cakes. The farmers kept coming, because they knew that with Van Krieken, you got quality at an affordable price.

The energy requirements of animals
The 1950s saw the rapid development of nutritional science. Van Krieken was one of the first to apply these new scientific advances to feed production. Armed with this knkowledge, he could tailor feed composition to the diet and energy requirements of the animals! This also laid the foundation for expanding into dog and cat foods.

For dogs, too!
In 1963, Piet’s son Gerard van Krieken took over the company and renamed it Vobra: “Voederfabriek Oost Brabant” (East Brabant Feed Factory). He invested in a press, so he could begin selling compound feeds in pellets. But Gerard wanted to expand the company even further. His family shared a love of pets – one of Gerard’s sisters was a dog breeder. Wouldn’t it be great to apply all of their feed knowledge to the production of dog food?

Food of the highest quality
Through back channels, Gerard also had contacts in the world of dog sports. That’s how he ended up in touch with a police dog association. The members placed high demands on the dogs and on their food. They were looking for affordable food of the highest quality – food that could meet the needs of hard-working police dogs. Van Krieken developed and delivered the food, and the police dogs thrived.

Improved recipe
Throughout the years, Gerard continued to improve the recipe. Thanks to its quality, consistency and attractive price, sales took off. If he had learned one thing from his father, it was that the animals and their nutritional needs come first. Gerard partnered with Utrecht University to guarantee product quality and effectiveness.

SANIMED maintenance and dietary pet foods
SANIMED maintenance food and SANIMED dietary food have been specially developed for veterinary practices. The line of maintenance food is tailored to the specific needs of your dog or cat in every stage of their lives. Each package is brimming with high-quality, natural ingredients for healthy growth and a fit life, for every breed and at every age.

Despite the preventive care you provide, your dog or cat may still suffer from ailments or health problems. SANIMED Curative dietary pet food is specially formulated for your dog’s or cat’s health problems.