A healthy life starts
with a healthy diet

Of course, this also applies to your dog or cat. Every SANIMED product is brimming with high-quality, 100% natural ingredients for a fit and healthy life. This is how SANIMED supports your furry friend in every stage of life.






High-quality pet food at an affordable price

SANIMED stands for healthy, high-quality dog and cat foods. Every product is brimming with high-quality, 100% natural ingredients for a fit and healthy life. Since our pet foods are made in our own factory in the Dutch town of Veghel, we are able to carefully and consistently monitor the quality of our products. We stand for quality food at an affordable price.

To stay healthy or to become healthy

SANIMED has a Preventive line of products for the healthy dog or cat tailored to the specific needs of every stage of your furry friend’s development. And if their health declines for some reason, the special dietary pet food from SANIMED can offer support for recovery from illness. We offer these products within our Curative product line.

Internally developed until perfected, scientifically proven

Dr. Anton Beynen has worked with SANIMED since 2006. He is the director of our Research & Development Department. Since 1987, he has held seven different chairmanships.

Dr. Beynen studied Human Nutrition at Wageningen University and wrote his dissertation on the hormonal regulation of fat metabolism. From 1993 to 2007, he was Professor of Animal Nutrition at the Veterinary Faculty at Utrecht University. There, he taught basic nutrition and  clinical nutrition of companion animals, while also conducting research on the affects of nutrition on canine and feline health. He was honored as the best lecturer and most-cited author in the Veterinary Faculty and as the most productive PhD supervisor at Utrecht University. He was also the first non-American researcher to receive the Bio-Serv Award for experimental animal food.

Read what veterinarians think of SANIMED.

Madelijn de With - Dierenartsenpraktijk Kortenhoef Veterinary Practice

“We are very satisfied with SANIMED, and in particular with the Skin/Sensitive product. We see clear-cut results - the itching goes away and the skin calms down.”

Rutger Reurings - Sterkliniek Nijmegen Veterinary Clinic

“We’re very satisfied with SANIMED here in the practice. It’s a high quality, no-nonsense food at an affordable price. Also great communication with Sanimed and excellent service!”

Would you also like to feed your dog or cat SANIMED?

Naturally you want the best for your furry friend. SANIMED is available at veterinary practices throughout the Netherlands. Find the SANIMED dealer closest to you here.