Proven effective

Scientifically proven

We make our pet food with recipes developed by our Research & Development Department, under the leadership of Dr. Anton Beynen. Every recipe is optimally formulated, based on scientific research. The recipes are tailored to the specific developmental stages or special needs of your dog or cat.

Developed by Dr. Anton Beynen

Dr. Anton Beynen has worked with SANIMED since 2006. He is the director of our Research & Development Department. Since 1987, he has held seven different chairmanships.

Dr. Beynen studied Human Nutrition at Wageningen University and wrote his dissertation on the hormonal regulation of fat metabolism. From 1993 to 2007, he was Professor of Animal Nutrition at the Veterinary Faculty at Utrecht University. There, he taught basic nutrition and  clinical nutrition of companion animals, while also conducting research on the affects of nutrition on canine and feline health. He was honored as the best lecturer and most-cited author in the Veterinary Faculty and as the most productive PhD supervisor at Utrecht University. He was also the first non-American researcher to receive the Bio-Serv Award for experimental animal food.

Quality and control

In order to make good, high-quality food, you need high-quality ingredients. SANIMED is made exclusively from natural ingredients. Our dry food is free of artificial colors, aromas and flavors. The origins of our ingredients are verified and fully traceable. We source our raw materials exclusively from certified suppliers. This guarantees quality and safety, even before the raw materials arrive. We also conduct thorough inspections upon delivery.

During the production process, we sample kibbles from every batch produced. These samples are checked for properties such as thickness, diameter and aroma. Next, our Quality Department verifies the nutritional values, such as crude protein, crude fat, moisture content and crude fiber. Because we use natural ingredients, not all batches are the same color. This is because the different batches of natural raw materials may be lighter or darker.

Read what veterinarians think of SANIMED.

Eveline Snellen van Vollenhoven - Dierenziekenhuis Veenendaal Veterinary Hospital

“When I opened my new clinic, I decided to switch to the SANIMED food products. I recommend it to everyone! My own animals love to eat SANIMED Intestinal and the sausages. People are also enthusiastic about the results and the price.”

Lennart van Kranenburg - Dierenkliniek Erasmusplein Veterinary Clinic, The Hague

“I can whole-heartedly recommend SANIMED food for its excellent price/quality ratio. It’s a 100% Dutch product developed by Dr. Anton Beijnen, one my professors in veterinary school.”